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J R Brothers mission is to make possible new futures for children and youth through mentoring and value driven programs. It is our goal to assist youth at-risk, to develop a positive self-image, and to develop opportunities for the whole person (spiritual, mental, physical, and social).
J R Brothers was founded in 1987 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2001. The organization has reached thousands of youth through several programs over the last twenty-six years. We have served in 38 states and Mexico with programs in 72 Texas cities. All funding has come from individuals, churches, and small businesses with whom we have been associated. Below is a list of projects and their descriptions that we have been involved in:

1987-2010 Light Artistry - Traveled to 38 states and Mexico teaching and mentoring teens using art and music.
1995-1997 Mexico Work Camps - Traveled with at-risk teens from the US to help poverty stricken families in Mexico.
2000 Published first curriculum. "No Roundheads".
2002-2004 Youth at-risk summer counseling camps, mentoring and teaching abused teens.
2003 Sponsored Cherokee Home for Children at Christmas.
2004-2005 Sponsored Sunny Glen Children's Home for Christmas
2005-2010 Youth at-risk summer retreat camps, Brady, Texas.
2005 Sponsored back-to-school drive, Longview, Texas.
2007-2013 Trained and mentored at-risk teens at J R Brothers Vocational Automotive.
2006-2007 Sponsored Central Texas Children's Home for Christmas.
2007 Published first children's book "The Adventures of Pork and Bean".
2008 Published second curriculum book "Bible Barn".
2009 Published first teen book "Resilent- The ghost's of Antietam".
2008-2009 Provided clothing, furniture, and auto repairs for fixed income grandparents that are raising at-risk grandchildren.
2010 First Children's DVD released "Bible Barn".
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