Vocational Automotive

J R Brothers Vocational Automotive
Many youth today are involved in violence, gang activity, drugs, and alcohol. These teens are labeled at-risk because of their potential for legal consequences as well as their destructive choices. We have developed a program that engages at-risk youth in positive choices through mentoring, job skills, and counseling. The program involves an automotive vocational school that offers free programs to at-risk youth.
J R Brothers Vocational Automotive proposes to:
-Provide services for youth ages 16-21.
-Identify at-risk youth and engage them to obtain a credential.
-Closely link youth to the job market and connect them with employers.
-Impact youth to achieve employability skills, occupational skills, and employment success that will lead to self-sufficiency.
-Demonstate measurable and desirable youth performance.
J R Brothers Vocational Automotive focuses on the following needs for success:
-High expectations of student achievement
-Emphasis on basic skills
-Regular evaluation of students progress with clear feedback
-Provide social support
-Ample use or praise for good performance
-Widespread opportunities for youth to take responsibility
-Active involvement in the learning process